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tv   Q A  CSPAN  November 17, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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conspiracy? i hung up the phone and suddenly felt i cannot relate to my culture of origin anymore. this is a very hard feeling. when you cannot relate to how the people you love and you were brought up with for many years of your life and they do not see the reality as it should be. >> why do you think they said those things? >> because we were all brought up with lots of propaganda and indoctrination. from the minute you are born in the muslim world, especially in the 1950's and 1960's, when i was growing up, a whole generation was brought up with an ideology of blaming the outside world. >> what is the basis of hating
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jews? what is the reason? >> it is not something new. it is not just jews. it is jews and christians and non-muslims in general. when islam rose in the seventh century, judaism and christianity already existed. they were penetrating the culture. they came with values that are very different from arabian values. these values, treat your neighbor as you treat yourself, peace and justice for everybody, men and women are more or less
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human beings. that is very different from the arabian style of culture. women are possessions. very few men had only one wife. marriage was not one man and one woman, it was one man, multiple wives. so christianity came and threatened the normal culture of arabia, which was a brutal culture. no reverse, water is scarce, people trying to protect their wealth and other tribes were
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their enemies. other tribes do not have the same human rights as some tribes. human rights are by membership of your tribe. so when christianity and judaism -- arabia required, in my opinion, major cultural change. islam came as an assertion to arabian culture. and as a rejection to judaism and christianity. also, the prospect of islam actually killed a lot of men in jewish tribes and he was a warrior. mohammed was a warrior.
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islam has, after all these wars and battles with jews and with other arabs, it came to a point where islam had justifiable killings. by justifying it, jews and non-muslims cannot be human anymore. you have the verse that states that jews are apes and christians are cakes. >> here is a bit of a speech that you gave in september in a conservative group where you were speaking. >> the only way in islam to go to heaven is to kill non-muslims. when my father was killed, i was only 8. i remember that day.
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i was brokenhearted, really. people came and said, congratulations, your father now is in heaven. to go to heaven is to die in the process of killing non-muslims. killing jews. what an honor. with my eight-year-old mind, i told myself, i don't want my dad in heaven. i want him down here with us. i was looked at with such disrespect. so i learned to keep it to myself. that was a message. >> what were the circumstances of your father's death? >> my father was involved in military intelligence in the 1950's. his job was to start something, and operation against israel.
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it is a man who sacrifices himself for jihad. many of the jihadis went to israel in the 1950's and caused a lot of destruction and damage. before hamas, a terror group -- so my father and israel, my father was killed by the idf. >> the israeli defense force. >> correct. >> and where did you live? do you remember anything about it? >> i was in elementary school and i learned hatred, vengeance, retaliation. in the schools, they never talked about peace.
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peace was something -- it was a sign of weakness. all we talked about was jihad, giving our life to the jihad, the highest honor and the highest thing you should aspire for is to die in the process of killing non-muslims. >> how was your father killed? >> he was in his office and there was a bomb letter that came to his office and he was the target. he opened the letter and it exploded. >> what do you remember about that? >> i used to be -- we were in the movie theater.
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we actually heard the explosion. the soldiers came and told us we have to go. we flew back to cairo and i learned that my father died. when we arrived, that is when we knew. it was a very tragic day. my life was never the same again. because in egypt, they do not tell the children what happened. my life and my family and my mother's life changed. my mom had to face life as a woman without a man. that is very hard in the middle east. because you do not get invited to a lot of things if you do not have a man accompany you. her life changed completely. she wanted to buy a car.
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my father used to have a car so she wanted to buy a car so she could take us to school. and it was very rare for an egyptian woman to drive a car. she was looked at by some neighbors and even members of her family as a loose woman. ira member her crying a lot. she said, isn't it enough they take our husbands, the jihad, but they do not give us women the respect to live with some ease after they die? that was the day i really felt the struggle women have to face in a family where there is no man.
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i remember one time when i was a teenager, i was standing in front of the school, waiting for her to pick me up and a boy came and he was like four or five or 10 feet away from me and he was talking and she came to pick me up and my mom would not stop yelling at me -- how do you look back at the boy when he was talking to you? it is not the fault of the boy, it is the fault of the girl. even when rapes happen, it is the fault of the girl. i was grounded for a week. for a man talking to me from afar. that can give you the idea of life as a woman in the middle east. egypt was much more modern than other places like saudi arabia or jordan or iran. so you can just imagine the
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harshness on women in the muslim world. >> how important was being a muslim to you in your early years and when did you leave egypt to come to the united states? >> being a muslim is -- it feels, when you are a muslim and live in the middle east, like you have no choice in it. it is not like islam in the west when you are asked, what is your religion? people say, well, i think you are a christian -- it is more of a relationship with god. it is something that is by choice. you are not afraid of anybody if you say i am not a christian or i am not jewish or i am an atheist. you are not afraid. in the middle east, the majority of muslim countries, you are afraid.
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you cannot even imagine that you are not muslim anymore. the penalty of leaving islam is death. a lot of people do not even think about death. it has become such part of our lives, to be a muslim is the number one identity. and your relationship, as a muslim, to god, it is not a relationship with god, it is a contract to fate. being a muslim is not just a relationship with god. only between me and god and nobody else. >> when did you leave egypt? >> when i was 30 years old. in december of 1978. >> why? >> for freedom and for better life. >> what were the circumstances?
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>> i used to be a jeweler in egypt before coming to the united states. one of my jobs was to do a censorship. censorship of everything is normal in the middle east. i felt i wanted to live in freedom from every aspect of life. >> and you have been married. >> i got married in america as soon as i arrived. i fell in love with a fellow journalist. but he was christian and it is illegal for a muslim woman to marry a christian man. and he came to the united states because he had family in los angeles.
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when he came here, i followed him. actually, that was one of the reasons i went to america, because i could not marry the person i wanted to marry. >> when did you become a christian? >> i did not become a christian right away. it took me a long time. i still consider myself muslim when i came to america. i felt like it was really great for, in america, mosques invite women to come. because in the middle east, we just pray at home. in america, i heard that women are going to mosques. i thought, how nice. a very nice form of islam. i welcome it, that these women are welcome inside the mosque. my first trip to a mosque was to pray for the purpose of prayer.
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i was disappointed because the sermon was quite political. it was about jihad, our role in america. i was told to wear my head cover and i said, i never wore these clothes in the middle east so why should i do it in america? i was told that we have to go back to the origin of what islam is and the traditional islamic roles. we have to be proud of it in america and assert our religion and our culture. i just could not do it. i could not relate to it.
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so i went about 17 years without any religion. but i had to send my kids to a christian school so they could learn a little more. gradually, i was watching one morning -- you know, sunday morning, there are a lot of teachers and i was -- what they were preaching about was different than islam. they are saying, we are all sinners. that was revolutionary. we are all sinners. because in islam, they are all sinners. it is not we are all sinners. it is they, the outside world,
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are the sinners. use jihad to make them muslims and take them away from their sins. it is according to the sharia books. >> and what is sharia? >> sharia is islamic law. it is this law from the books of islam, the koran, the life of mohammed, and all of the scriptures of islam. >> you mentioned the koran. we know what that is -- >> the life of mohammed. the definition of jihad is the war with non-muslims to establish the kingdom of islam. it is a war. i think 97%, when the koran mentioned the word jihad, it refers to war, violence.
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the word terrorism is not mentioned in the koran. it talks about the other kind of jihad, which is to do jihad within yourself. when i was growing up in the middle east, jihad was war and violence. >> let me show you some video of an egyptian clerk in the name of mohammed hussein yacoub. it is an example of what you can find on the web of some imams and what they say. >> how much is that what you hear in mosques all the time? >> it is very common. it is on the streets, it is everywhere. just the word jew can make a
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person feel scared. >> there are 1.6 billion muslims in the world and about 15 million jews around the world. why is everything based on this? >> because islam, by nature,
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unfortunately, they like to find evil outside. it is not like the judeo-christian culture, which demands that people look within before they look outside. when i came to america and i attended churches with my family, i noticed that they concentrate on redemption, on fixing themselves. while islam concentrates on fixing others. >> sharia law, what does it mean and -- you hear people in this country talking about the fear
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of sharia law coming to the united states. >> i do not like -- my religion of origin. a lot of people think i am this islamophobe who wishes to talk bad against islam. unfortunately, islam today is practiced on the basis of applying sharia. islam today is consumed with living under sharia law. which is the same way muslims lived in the seventh century. a want to apply seventh century morals and values to today. i believe this is a major
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problem facing islam today, how to live today with amputation of limbs, with beheadings, with stoning adults and women. islam is the only religion on earth that kills the people who leave it. legally, in the legal system, every muslim country has sharia in their constitution. egypt today, in its constitution, has sharia law. if any president in egypt today or any other muslim country removed sharia law from being the official law of the islamic country, that president would be killed. this is where the problem lies. islam and sharia today are totally married together.
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muslims, true muslims, cannot even imagine life without sharia. >> tell me if any of this is not accurate. for instance, under sharia law, testimonies of four male witnesses are required to prove rape against a woman. >> exactly. did you know there was a young woman who was in qatar and she was raped, reported the rape, both she and the men who raped her, both she and the three men were sentenced to jail. so a woman is punished for rape. >> a man can beat his wife for insubordination. >> absolutely. it is not just in sharia.
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>> a man can unilaterally divorce his wife, but a woman needs his consent. >> absolutely. >> a man can marry an infant girl and consummate the marriage when she is nine years old. >> yes. it happens today. have you heard of the yemeni 18-year-old girl who filed for divorce against her husband? she got the divorce in saudi arabia and she was sent back by the court to her husband. >> theft is punishable by amputation of the right hand. >> yes. >> have you ever seen that yourself? >> no, i have not seen it in egypt because egypt does not follow criminal law. there are too many robbers in egypt to apply this law.
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yemen does that, all of the islamic countries of south sudan who are serious about it. sometimes i learned, in villages, even in egypt, they apply sharia law without even the government's consent. >> i want to show you another imam who we saw a lot of back in 2010 when they wanted to build the mosque right there by ground zero in new york. i asked you to put this in perspective, what he says about islam. >> there is the perception in the west that islam is a myth we need to break. there are reasons for militancy within the muslim world. as many writers have written about post-9/11.
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it has to do with the geopolitical history between the west and the islamic world. i think this is a passing phase. some connect its roots all the way back to the crusades. i do not see it that way. i would contend that with the growing numbers of muslims in the west, in europe, the united states, canada, that the understanding of islam will become far more nuanced. >> the understanding of islam is what? >> i did not hear the last sentence. militancy is a myth is where he began. >> there are a lot of imams like him. very distinguished, very
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eloquent. and he will sit and speak about sharia and how islam is a religion of peace. he is not very different from many islamic scholars who want to convince the west that this is a big misunderstanding. but how can they call this a misunderstanding? what is a misunderstanding about koran commands muslims to kill non-muslims? to go to heaven. 64% of the koran is to encourage muslims to torture, kill, humiliate, subordinate non-muslims. what is it in the word kill that does not mean kill? so this imam is saying the same
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thing we have been hearing over and over and over again. i can understand politicians in america and they say islam is a religion of peace. every religion is supposed to be a religion of peace. but these are diplomats. at the level of the media, intellectual honesty, academia, we have to be more honest in that. >> back in 2009, president obama went to egypt and gave a speech. were you there? >> i was here in america but i heard the speech. >> let's listen to a minute of it and get your take on it. >> i also know that islam has
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always been a part of america's story. the first nation to recognize my country was morocco. in signing the treaty of tripoli in 1796, our second president, john adams, wrote, "the united states has, in itself, no character of empathy against the laws, religion, or tranquilly of muslims." since our founding, american muslims have been rich in the united states. they have fought in our wars, served in our government, stood up for civil rights, they have taught at our universities, excelled in our sports arenas, won nobel prizes, built our tallest buildings. >> anything there you disagree with? >> i disagree completely, of
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course. obama is a politician. for them to go and say nice compliments, well overboard like that, the jihadist claims of islam are -- if you look at how >> they regard the whole earth belongs to islam. for president obama to give to confirm their america has islamic culture, which one of for this was muslim? none.
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what did curran play in our constitution? nothing. on as discovered america. i do not understand. >> what impact do you think that speech had? made them very happy, a concerned that claims. it concerned -- muslims demand from non-muslims subordination. what did all president bridge ying to build a
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and a relationship, it has not turned out the way he wanted to. trying to appease islam was going to t he teach america how to treat the muslim world. is how he thought he was acting as president. the end of oming to his term, and instead of loving as more they are hating us more. to them it is not about appeasement. they do not appreciate peace -- if you're nice to me i will be nice back to you. the policy is i am at a hit you on the head. the islamic culture is very different from western culture.
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in western culture the way you relate to each other, you call each other equal in front of god. in the muslim world it is a different relationship. >> when you came to this took you 17 years, what religion did you join? >> i became a christian. question for one -- one basic reason, it made me a better person. it also produces trust between people. they getting that does, as an ideology, putting aside religion -- what christianity
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does to our society it establishes a level of trust between people. the trust s away between people. in the go to live muslim world nobody trust anybody. >> wendy to become an activist for israel? >> after 911. phone with ng up the my relatives i was very upset. the man that made 911 was for my country. i met a lot of people like him in the middle east, with the same way of thinking. i was so upset, and i felt so especially for the jews.
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said to my friends, how can whole ligion accuse a group of people of doing we ething that we arabs know have done ourselves? in any religion this would be but under islamic law lying is allowed if it is for the benefit of islam. >> when did you write your first book? was written book in 2006. announced that jihad would be a danger. book was called " cruel judgement".
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simple law can be fundamental to the operation of society. >> your third book? >> my third book is called " devil we don't know". the revelations were "don't get i said too happy". 1952 revolution, 2011 revolution, and it is as inserting counterrevolution. and there is still more to come. there is a reason why the responsible instability. is no political system stable for modern
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countries with muslim. of any muslim d leader comes after a revolution. why is that? americans do not understand why did nate motors having an election like we do. there is no reason why. go back to the islamic they say in muslim with fate can come to power through force. this is a law in sharia. >> what do you think of the united states and its in the middle east.
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we have a base in almost every country and we sell arms to almost every country. we give billions of dollars to egypt's. our relationship with israel. what you think? >> this is a very hard dilemma to solve. islam is a big problem for the west, for europe. because it cannot adapt to the modern day. the west until today have not learned the lesson. we have not learned our lesson. embargo re was an oil west after 73 war, have learned uld the lesson and not depended any more on the middle east for oil.
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oil in the west think that somebody is going to you drill for oil. the come, with all in the g going on their camels are a horrible re is not environmental problem. that only environmental in the r happened middle east is when the set that oil on fire on purpose. that is when the environmental disaster happens. america should have learned their lesson.
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they should have built refineries. we have shot ourselves in the foot. we cannot be independent, or europe at of st cannot be independent middle east oil. other pan or many industrial companies -- countries. we have a handicap. the main idea of drilling is poisoning the earth and animals, this is not correct. otherwise the saudis would have environmental problems. this sharia law says that you might ave islam
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be killed. middle annot go to the east any more. will kill you here? >> it has happened before. >> they have security? >> no. to the ery grateful could have es, i never left islam if i stayed in egypt. i have three children and i live in los angeles. they are all christian. or my family in egypt have the relationship with me, i have had death threats coming from egypt and the middle east. a video of show you
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1969, is very short. this is an interview with the president of egypt. order to reach peace, have two give up, or the israelis have to give up. either insist an expanse and the will be no peace. >> who was see on what role did he play in your life? that is israelis did not stop expansion there will be no peace. when he was time talking about expansion this was two years after the 67 war.
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the whole wall was created by egypt's. my father to gaza. there was no extension by israel at that time. existed in the borders of the peace treaty. a lot of people do not all the arab hat world had aggressive policies. the idea -- all these arab islamic countries are afraid of israeli expansion is ridiculous. look at the map of the middle east. at iran and o look beyond. from turkey to sudan, you can
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hardly see israel. mentioned in the coram is the land of the jews. later on when mohammed became a warrior he said jews should be killed because it be not want to be converted to islam. the modern-day jihad -- the concept of jihad is a violation of international law. flash uslims to come their beloved jihad they have position emselves in a of being victims. important thing
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muslims with jihad, is that it is a response to being victims. present of the egypt's, nasser, he said which of you will avenge your father's death by killing jews? >> he said that in our house, came to visit us, we
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made a standing line. came to pay condolences when our father died. us in his lap put and asked us when we were standing. i cannot remember exactly, but he said which one of you kids will avenge a father? i felt very uncomfortable with this question. father that if i lost my and must kill jews. the rest of your brothers where are they? >> i have no relation with them. my ce they had from
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conversion to christianity. >> wells last you are in a arab country? >> right before 911 when i visited egypt. of work -- how many brothers and sisters are they? >> i had five. my younger sister, she died of lung cancer. of sister she is the work the arab league. she's an economist. my brother used to be an ambassador, an egyptian ambassador. >> as they threatened by the fact that if they communicate with you, that they could be killed.
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>> most probably they are embarrassed. have left ers who islam by the family still communicate with them secretly. i have if you cousins which contact me. >> how dc was going on in the middle east right now? tell us what your projects and is on isis. middle east is undergoing a lot of soul-searching. there is a lot of insight. muslims are not happy with one another. that is why you see none of them -- they do not know what to do.
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they have problems with the idea of jihad. they are doing what they were brought up with. isis is doing now is the end result of generations being brought up. what was your reaction when this country went into iraq the second time? >> it was a 50-50 thing for me. i was not very happy when bush went in. not because i loved saddam but because i knew he was holding on to the dead
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skeleton of this nation, that is torn down. if you take him out it is going to be a mass. that is the problem, why do we have all these dictators? mubarak or all these leaders in the middle east. it is just a symptom of the problem. fault, under muslim state has two do jihad with non-muslim countries. people do not understand that the muscle has no choice but to jihad. they have no choice but to fight israel. during the clinton -- the israeli
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leader, he left. signed a hat if he be ce treaty he would contradicting shari law. saddet was killed because he violated sharia law. was just holding on to this body called iraq. it was a nice it was a big help for the middle east from america.
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but it came with a big price. removal of hat the saddam hussein by america did more of a favour to the arab world than a benefit to america. >> what are the chances that there will ever be democracy in the arab world? the only chance is when islam is no longer practised the way it is practised today. islam is either reformed or destroyed. and set is reformed of the legal laws, then there is a chance where the muslim world will continue and
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will progress into democracy. on to they still hold sharia law, and the requirements of sharia law. freedom of religion -- you cannot have freedom of speech and no freedom of religion and the same time want democracy. and sharia cannot coexist. is practised t today -- tthere is people who to e islam and still want live in democracy. to these muslims if they want they ld onto this lamp have been preaching, they will never have democracy.
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this horrific legal system, they will continue living from one revolution to another. from one assist nation to another. do you think women believe behind the scenes about the relationship men half to them in the islamic world? what do they say? they have to , adjust to life under islam. sharia called ct prostitutes and are rejected by society, and by other women to. in the muslim st
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world is unacceptable. muslim world, have developed a kind of feminism that is very distant to feminism in the west. many muslim women hhave acquired respect and power by actually supporting syria. to any s detrimental kind of progress. read what le want to you write and follow what you do, what is the best place to go? >> they can read my three books. they are in amazon and all bookstores. my website and
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also i have have another website for arabs to accept israel. to other is dedicated exposing the horrors in the muslim world, which are happening all the time. people are being arrested in world, bbut in jail executed for leaving islam. they say they have committed a crime against the state.
6:57 am
not want to appear iin the world as having no freedom, the website is bbecause even inside america there are many muslims who are afraid, ssome of threatened and killed. >> you are out of time. thank you very much for joining us. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2014]
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>> next, live your calls and comments on washington journal. the house of representatives will be with speeches beginning at 12 pm. tonight, on the communicators, the columbia university professor on how to manage the internet. >> i have felt that a think overlooked in this debate, the question of people who do not have broadband. how will they get it. i would say people are not dressing that right now.
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like we did with telephone century, ack in the 20 it collects money which now goes to subsidising telephone service. we could use it to create real broadband service. of a future ities need dent they can say we a universal broadband service. tonight on c-span two. this morning los angeles debated about obama's plans. ceo of president and
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